We’re making some
exciting changes.

Nashville MTA
is now
WeGo Public Transit

It’s more than
just a new name
and a fresh coat of paint.

Illustrations of a schedule

Streamlined Services

We want to get you where you’re going as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Not only are we adjusting current routes for more timely service, we’re also making strides to streamline services on our most popular routes.

An illustration of a bus in front of Central


We want you to enjoy your journey. That’s why we’re getting a little—okay, a big—touch-up. You’ll soon see major improvements at Central (formerly Music City Central), van and bus upgrades, revitalized bus stops, new digital arrival displays and wayfinding systems throughout our entire system.

Illustrations of a fare card and cell phone technologies

Updated Technology

We want to make planning your trip easier than before. Strides are being made to roll out mobile fare cards and payments, online booking for Access (formerly AccessRide) and free Wi-Fi on select buses and Central. We’re also making real-time bus route information available through a variety of popular transit information apps.

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